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Or Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban," wrote Lambert, 28, who finished third on was part of a larger commentary on these types of reality television shows and the perception they create, not the artists involved with the shows themselves.

The shows make it appear that artists can shortcut their way to success." PHOTOS: Celebrity feuds -- whose side are you on?

MCA Nashville singer/songwriter Clare Dunn is a dynamic new artist on the country music scene who has garnered critical praise for her impressive guitar work.Remember that insanely long Tinder messaging thread of yours?You and Taylor had everything in common: diehard Vols fans, running addicts, spicy tuna roll enthusiasts.I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted there would be a bigger headline-making event in country music that day. Chris [Stapleton] went Beatles-on-Ed-Sullivan on me. He was out on The Outsiders tour some with us, so it was fun to see his breakthrough moment. Considering The Outsiders had just come out in early 2014, I don’t think people were expecting a new album from you that quickly. I thought we’d be working on it right now, and then it would come out maybe sometime this year. Writing an album is often a more deliberate process. It’s usually doing a lot of writing and then whittling those songs down, and a lot of time in the studio. When you’re the guy writing ‘em all, that’s gonna happen. It happened so fast and explosively that there was no time to wonder where the inspiration came from. I’m a huge Strait fan, and I knew about that before. I didn’t really know what to expect, and honestly, I didn’t care what to expect, because I knew it was right to give it to the fans. We had to let the cat out of the bag with Mike Dungan, the president of the label, when we started to have distribution meetings. The label gets the music first, and then it’s media or critics, and then it’s radio. There’s a ton of freedom that fans have afforded us musically. Over the last several years, it feels like you’ve alternated between sure hits and deep cuts. Misunderstood.” I understand that not all this stuff may work on radio. But these are the songs that are a must at the show. It ended up being focused on him, kinda shining the light on that kid who truly is in a situation that he’s misunderstood by his peers.I’m glad I wasn’t performing right after Chris [and Justin Timberlake]. This time, in every possible way, it was totally the opposite. It was almost embarrassing, because I came home every day thinking, Maybe I’m losing my edge, because I really think these songs are great. You’re not gonna write a hundred songs and have a hundred entirely different ideas. I have a tough time ordering fast food at this point. It was like the worst-kept secret, because it was shared with too many people in the industry. And I knew that the way we were doing this, we would have to commit to it over time, because I’m not even on the road until 2017, so I can’t support it much. So you only communicated with them once everything was sitting in a warehouse? Up to that point we disguised this as a Christmas album, but we had a little bit of a political problem: Our label didn’t know and we were having meetings with retail outlets. All these people are telling the fans to get the record, which is backwards to me. We’ve had 20-some singles now; we’ve had four number-ones out of that. But we’ve still not had a ton of radio number-one-song-type stuff. When we put a song out, it’s not just because we’re trying to see what radio will do. I’ve been in the crowd at one of your shows and had the sense that people are just as eager to hear your album cuts as anything else. I wanted to share that too, with them, at least for this album, because this was their album. [Church’s manager] John [Peets] came in one day I’d just played him the song and he goes, “You’re not gonna believe this, but I’ve met this guy.” And he brought in this 14-year-old kid, rolled-up jeans, slicked-back hair, likes old cars and old blues music, gets picked on for not liking what’s out there right now. There’s a connection between the idea of being an outsider and being misunderstood, but it feels like you’ve gone from claiming that identity for yourself on your previous album to turning it toward your listeners on this one.

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Stagecoach wrapped up May 1 and included Carrie Underwood, Eric Church and Luke Bryan as headliners, along with Little Big Town, Sam Hunt, Chris Young and many others.

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